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Effective October 1, 2022 until further notice.

As COVID-19 guidance from public health authorities has eased, Girl Scouts of Maine has condensed guidance for Girl Scout families and volunteers into a simplified version we are calling Girl Scouts Together. As with previous editions, these guidelines are informed by guidance from the CDC and the State of Maine Guidelines.

Girl Scouts Together is intended to be used in conjunction with Safety Activity Checkpoints, Volunteer Essentials, and all other regular guidelines for Girl Scout activities.

Girl Scouts Together will continue to be reviewed and updated as needed. New or changed sections will be identified by highlighted text.

NOTE: If State of Maine Guidelines are updated and are stricter than those outlined in these Guidelines, the State of Maine Guidelines are to be followed.  Individual communities in Maine may establish stricter requirements. If that is the case in your community, you must adapt these guidelines to meet those requirements.

See Girl Scouts of Maine Meeting, Travel, and Events Guidelines here.

Outdoor Resources
Volunteer Handbook

This book is the guide book will be given to new leaders and addresses the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, working with girls at all developmental stages, safety and risk management as well as cookie sales guidelines for troop trip and travel progression. PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY large file and will take some time to download. Make sure to RIGHT CLICK on the link and “Save Link As” and save it to your computer. DO NOT just click the link. Download Volunteer Handbook

New Leader's Guide to Success

Troop Activity Guide

Troop Banking and Finance Guidelines

VTK User Guide

Volunteer Essentials

Recording Policy for Virtual Team and Leader Meetings

Troop Activity and Simple Sleepover Guides

Taking trips is one of the many ways troops can Discover, Connect, and Take Action. Traveling with your troop progresses with the girls, perhaps starting with a hike outside your meeting place and then progressing to overnight camping, to a visit to Boston or New York, and ultimately a long excursion to one of the four World Centers of Girl Scouting in India, Mexico, London, or Switzerland! This is your guide to getting there. PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY large file and will take some time to download. Make sure to RIGHT CLICK on the link and “Save Link As” and save it to your computer. DO NOT just click the link.  Download Troop Activity Guide

Some of the most memorable moments in a Girl Scout’s life happen while taking trips. The first night away from home on a Girl Scout overnight is a big step and one that girls will remember for years to come. Before venturing farther from home, consider offering a simple troop sleepover or even an almost sleepover close to home. Download The Simple Sleepover Guide

Safety Activity Checkpoints

This a guide to help Troop Leaders and Girl Scouts plan safe activities! PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY large file and will take some time to download. Make sure to RIGHT CLICK on the link and “Save Link As” and save it to your computer. DO NOT just click the link. 

Download Safety Activity Checkpoints – updated summer 2021

Download Virtual Meeting Safety Activity Checkpoint  

New Leader Resources

Welcome, Girl Scout leader! Thank you so much for volunteering with your troop. You are invited to check out the New Leader Resources page for all you need to get started. Happy planning!

Online Participation Catalog

As a Girl Scout troop leader, you help the girls in your troop shine brightly every day. With the Participation Catalog, new girls can shine, too-through a tool that gives them the power to choose a troop that fits their needs, schedule and interests. Will your troop be the spark that helps a new girl shine?

VTK Videos and Resources
Additional Volunteer Troop or Group Resources
  • Need help outlining your meetings? Here is a Six-Part Meeting Template to help you keep organized! Download Six Part Meeting Template
  • GSME Taking care is a packet with activities for leaders of troops, service teams, and other groups to use to help members practice self-care, interpersonal care, and community care. Check it out here.


Marketing Toolkit

Part of a successful Girl Scout event or activity is promotion and marketing. We have put together a Marketing Toolkit for you to check out, including logo usage, colors, and tips on designing a great flyer. Download the Marketing Toolkit 

Need a sign for graduating seniors? See our Graduating Girl Scout Ambassador sign here. Want to customize it? See this sign.

Press Release Toolkit

We do our best to share Girl Scout stories in Maine, but with so many members across the state, it's not easy to share all of the awesome activities every Girl Scout. That’s where YOU come in! You can promote your Girl Scout news in your local media with the Press Release Toolkit.

Event Resources and Toolkits
  • Resilient. Ready. Strong. Eventbrite Cover
  • Resilient. Ready. Strong. Facebook Event Cover

*Please note: The badge links in these documents refer to the old Cookie Business badges. Please refer to the updated Cookie Business badges.

Service Team Planning Materials
Social Media Guidelines for Troops and Volunteers

Understanding the Particiapation Catalog

*Section goes after Six-Part Meeting Template

Learn about how the Participation Catalog works for troops, and how troop leaders can help get more girls into Girl Scouting! Download the Participation Catalog Flow Chart

Journey Outlines

Located between VTK Videos and Resources and Additonal Volunteer Troop or Group Resources accordions

Download  Daisies | Brownies | Juniors | Cadettes