Girl Scouts of Maine
group of young girl scout daisies hiking with adult volunteer
Troop Leader Blueprint

Get a year of activities for your first year as a troop leader with this quick and easy guide. 

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Troop Volunteers, part 2: the Adventure Continues - Virtually - 02.07.23
Start Date: Tue Feb 07, 6:00 PM EDT
End Date: Tue Feb 07, 6:00 PM EDT
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Wilderness Wanderers: Snowshoe Hike - Old Town - 02.19.23
Start Date: Sun Feb 19, 2:00 PM EST
End Date: Sun Feb 19, 3:30 PM EST
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Going for the Silver - Virtual - 02.21.23
Start Date: Tue Feb 21, 2:00 PM EST
End Date: Tue Feb 21, 4:00 PM EST