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It’s super easy! Simply find a program, event or training on the calendar, sign in to your MY GS account, update the quantity of girls and adults that you want to register, and complete the registration. If you are a troop leader, you can switch to your troop and register any girls and/or adults who are current members of your troop. Names, contact info, emergency contacts, etc. will automatically pull from our membership database—no more typing in lots of information. Please note, you cannot change any information (dietary restrictions, buddies, special circumstances) after registration. GSME also cannot change this information. Please ensure you have all this information before you register.

Important Note: If you are a NEW member, or a troop leader adding a new girl to your roster, please complete the membership registration first before you try to register for a program, event, or training.  It will take a few minutes for the systems to sync and then you can complete your program, event or training registration.

Looking for a quick intro on how to register for a program, event or training using gsEvents, go to gsLearn and in the 110 Tips for Managing our Girl Scout Troops learning path choose Managing My Troops From my Account . If you have not previously taken the course you can choose Skip Intro which will take you to the home page. There, choose How Do I register my Troop Members for Events

This training was developed for all 110 Girl Scout councils across the country and indicates that you can apply for financial aid or apply program credits. Please note Girl Scouts of Maine does not offer these options and you will only see the option to pay by credit card.