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People Caring for People

Troop 1756 - Girl Scout Cookie donation to Martin's Point workers

Thanks to generous contributions from troop families, friends, and fellow community members, Troop 1756 was able to donate over 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the Martin's Point Rapid Testing Sites in Portland and Brunswick! Their efforts didn't go unnoticed. These Girl Scouts received a heartfelt message from Martin's Point:
"Dear Troop 1756, We send boatloads of thanks for the boxes of cookies that you kindly donated! We are doing our best to help people throughout Maine stay healthy and safe, and you have lifted our spirits with your generous gift. Thank you so much for thinking of us. Just like you, we are People Caring for People. Your Friends at Martin’s Point."

We want to thank Troop 1756 for being so generous and caring and giving back to your community in a big way at a time when it's truly needed.