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Paula Renaud is our Volunteer of the Month!

Paula Renaud

Paula Renaud has been involved with Girl Scouts of Maine for the last 14 years as a troop leader with troop 795, and as part of the Gundalow Service Team as the service unit manager and treasurer.

Paula was recently nominated to receive an award and the following adjectives were used to describe her: dedicated, supportive, fun, exemplary, amazing, sacrificial, organized, hard-working, resourceful, fair, thoughtful, honest, and kind. All of these are qualities that a true Girl Scout strives to be.

I’ll add problem-solver to the list too! At a recent leader banquet, the kitchen’s commercial stove’s gas had been shut off. Without missing a beat, Paula came to the rescue. She grabbed all the garlic bread, headed home, baked them, and returned to join in the festivities!  

Paula is very humble and she does so much without always realizing the positive impact of her actions. Please join us as we recognize Paula as our Volunteer of the Month and in thanking her for a job well done!