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How Serenity from East Machias sold 2,083 boxes of cookies

Serenity Morse

Serenity Morse, a 10 year old Juliette from East Machias, sold 2,083 boxes of cookies this year in direct sales!

Serenity was disappointed when her troop didn’t continue this year, but loves being a Girl Scout, so she became a Juliette. She wanted to make sure that everyone in her community got a chance to support the movement by buying cookies.

In addition to that, she knew that she would be able to earn a free session at camp if she sold at least 375 boxes of cookies, which she surpassed last year by selling 975. In fact this year, she nearly doubled her cookie sales! With the release of Adventurefuls this year, Serenity had found her new favorite cookie. She said that when she took her first bite, she loved the flavor! She was sure that they would be her number one seller. To her surprise, Thin Mints reigned supreme and were number one in her sales this season.

She credits her success to not only the tasty cookies themselves, but how she makes each purchase personal. She delivers handwritten thank you cards with each purchase and also promotes her cookie sales across social media. All of this is done alongside her business partner and mentor, her dad, Ted.

“Under the guidance of her father, she has blossomed over the last few years. He has truly loved watching her grow, but his biggest struggle was letting her grow up. Serenity feels that he taught her about safety, and being polite to those who are not interested, and not being afraid to ask. He now gets to sit back and watch her take the lead. Serenity loves telling people about what her goals are for the season. She has gained confidence, and made friends with girls who like to do similar things. She has learned to care about her community. It may be a small community where she lives, but they have a big heart and support their local children. Without them, she wouldn’t have pushed herself so hard to meet her goals,” said Serenity’s mom, Rachel Morse.

Serenity currently holds the Maine state record for amount of Girl Scout Cookies sold, beating last year's record of 2,033.