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Girl Stories

Girl Scouts do amazing things every day. They might build robots, fight bullying, and make their communities better in more ways than we can count. Check out the amazing ways Girl Scouts in Maine are changing the world!

Girl Scouts in Maine Give Back

For more than 100 years Girl Scouts have taken the lead helping their communities and making the world a better place. Girl Scouts across Maine are stepping up to find new ways to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic. From making and donating masks, to care packages for healthcare workers and cookies for those those on the front lines, Girl Scouts are giving back to their local communities. Read more by clicking the images below and keep checking back as we continue to add new Girl Scouts Give Back Highlights.

  • Kasey Jordan
  • Payton Devoe
  • Donated Girl Scout Cookies from Troop 73
  • Troop 1756 - Martin's Point Workers
Troop 200
Healthcare Workers at Bridgton Hospital

Troop 200 in Naples donated Girl Scout Cookies to the healthcare workers at Bridgton Hospital to show their support during this difficult time.

Troop 954
Rumford Hospital Cookie Donation from Troop 954

Girl Scouts care about giving back to their communities. Troop 954 donated 33 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the Rumford Hospital and 9 boxes to the Norway hospital.

Lila Nichols
Lila Nichols

Lila Nichols from Troop 794 made 36 rice bags for all of the local law enforcement chiefs and dispatchers including the Aroostook County Sheriff, Shawn Gillen, to show her appreciation for all they do and thank them for their service. She is also making face masks! Read this article to learn more.  

Troop 896
Troop 896

Troop 896 gifted Maine Medical Center with Girl Scout Cookies and their thoughtful gesture brought joy to many healthcare workers.

Ellie Judice
Ellie Judice

Girl Scout, Ellie, from Troop 1082 created some fun and educational videos to pass the time during quarantine. You can check them on her Facebook group.

Troop 498

Girl Scout Juniors from Troop 498 have donated 140 boxes of cookies to their local food pantry, hospitals, and nursing homes. Great way to give back, girls!

Troop 187
Troop 187

Mapleton Girl Scout Troop 187 felt that home care heroes could use a pick up, so they made a cookie delivery to three health organizations close to their community: AR Gould Northern Light Health in Presque Isle, the Presque Isle Nursing Home, and Crown Ambulance. The girls also donated ear guards. One Girl Scout in the troop, Bobbi, is hard of hearing, so it was important to her that their ears were protected.

All three organizations were appreciative of the donations and they brought smiles to their faces. Thank you to the home care workers for all that you and and thank you to Troop 187 for giving back in a time of need.

*Please know that the group picture shown here was taken last winter and the donation was done safely by following all social distancing requirements.  

Troop 1087
York Hopital Healthcare Workers - Cookies from Troop 1087

We want to highlight the efforts of Troop 1087 to give back to healthcare workers in their community. These Girl Scouts delivered a basket filled with their favorite Girl Scout Cookies to York Hospital caregivers along with a heartfelt note of appreciation for all they they do. We are so proud to see Girl Scouts supporting their fellow community members!

Troop 422
Troop 422 - Maine Veterans' Home in Bangor

Girl Scout Troop 422 decided that the best way to give back during these tough times was to donate 13 cases of Girl Scout Cookies to Maine Verterans' Homes in Bangor.

Want to see reactions from the residents? Check out Maine Veterans' Homes' post on Facebook.

Troop 727
Troop 727  - Maine Veterans' Home in Bangor

Wanting some way to help out their community during COVID-19, Brownies from Troop 727 donated Girl Scout cookies to the Maine Veterans' Home in Bangor. They brightened the residents day with their cookie donation. Thank you, girls for giving back!

Troop 1340
Troop 1340 - Cigarette Pollution Awareness

We want to give a big shout out to Troop 1340 in Herman for their 3-part Cigarette Pollution Awareness project! What started out as a simple air pollution project turned into so much more. Troop 1340 posted their project online and it got the attention of Brianna Bryant and Sara Yasner, who are part of the Tobacco Prevention team at Bangor Public Health. Brianna and Sara were so impressed with their project that they are now displaying it at their office and will be using it in future awareness programs!


Compass Stories
World Thinking Day 2021

Every year around February 22, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across 150 countries celebrate World Thinking Day—that’s one big celebration! GSME joined in the festivities with a special event for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors where we explored what it means to be a peacebuilder, an important part of our global Girl Scout movement. Miss Maine, Carolyn Brady, spoke to us about how we can be better peacebuilders by finding peace within ourselves, and we learned the importance of listening and communicating openly when faced with a challenge. Since peacebuilding begins with each and every one of us, girls reflected on how and why they could be peacebuilders in their own communities, and pledged to make the world a better, and more peaceful place.

Girl-Planned and Girl-Led!
That describes the 2021 World Thinking Day for Older Girls event.  The six Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts on the committee planned and led the activities for girls to earn the GSUSA World Thinking Day Award and WAGGGS World Thinking Day Badge.  A young lady from Pakistan discussed cultural differences in US and Pakistan, and her experience as an exchange student in Maine as compared to living in Pakistan.  The girls were excited to have Laura from GSME teach them about peaceful meditation and then lead some mediation exercises.  The participants also had an opportunity to discover their conflict style, discuss what makes them peaceful, and looked at peace in songs.  The event closed by looking at the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Promises from other regions, and considered based on the 10 million membership of girls and young women in World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) that “If we all took steps together towards a more peaceful world and did a good turn every day that would be ten million acts of peace each day and three billion, six hundred and fifty million acts of peace each year!”

Road Ready!

Senior Troop 574 spent an afternoon learning about car maintenance and safety to earn their Car Care badge. With all the girls in the troop now driving this year, the information was relevant and important! The troop is fortunate to have several troop dads with extensive knowledge and experience with truck driving and automotive repair, and one who is an Alive at 25 driver education instructor. They talked to the girls about what they have seen on the road and offered tips for safe driving. A Westbrook police officer provided a list of common safety issues among teens.

The girls learned basic car maintenance including how to check the oil level, check tire pressure and wear, and how to fill fluids (windshield washer, coolant, radiator, brake). This was the first time many of the girls had opened the hood of their car. They learned the importance of checking windshield wipers, how to use jumper cables for a dead battery, and how to handle common driving hazards with a hands-on demonstration of blind spots. Awesome work all around to be prepared to hit the road!

*Each girl was paired with her own parent/relative and they worked on their own car. The cars were more than six feet apart.

  • Car Care with Maddie
  • Car Care with Leah
  • Car Care with Sophia
  • Car Care with Maddie
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

Daisy/Brownie Troop 1097 in Scarborough worked with ecomaine to earn their Eco Learner and Household Elf badges. Vanessa Berry, an environmental educator from ecomaine hosted a virtual tour of the recycling center. The girls learned about what can be recycled, why it is so important for our environment, and about food waste and composting. The girls had a blast making homemade recycled paper too and learning about ways to help our environment!

Troop 1097
Virtual Alaska Dog Sled Adventure
Virtual Alaska Dog Sled Adventure

Brownie/Junior Girl Scout Troop 520 of Brunswick stayed cozy inside as they went on a Virtual Sled Dog Adventure with Morganne Price from Dream Big Kennel in Willow, Alaska.

The girls took a tour of the sled dogs' facility, met the Alaskan Huskies, and learned about their care from what they eat and how much exercise they need, to the special care they required for their feet and general health. They learned why the order of the dogs on the line mattered as Morganne hooked them up and it was interesting to see how connected and in-tune Morganne is with her dogs.

Once all the dogs were hooked up, they were off! It was amazing to go on a dog sled adventure in Alaska, Morganne was inspirational to watch as she called out instructions to her dogs, kept on course
though beautiful scenery, and answered a huge variety of questions with humor, patience, experience, and knowledge.

Troop 520 did this virtual adventure in February 2021 when COVID-19 variants were concerning and flags were at half-staff to commemorate 500,000 U.S. deaths to COVID-19. The troop was transported away for more than an hour on the best zoom meeting they had ever been on, it was a bright spot during some dark days and a win for helping them on their way to earning the GSME Great Outdoors Winter Challenge patch.

  • Virtual Alaska Dog Sled Adventure
  • Virtual Alaska Dog Sled Adventure
Girl Scouts Who Give Back Together, Stay Together!

Despite starting off their year remotely, Troop 2300 from Gorham was able to complete badge work and several community service projects including "Be A Santa To A Senior", making blankets for "Project Linus", collecting socks for a local nursing home, birthday bags for the Gorham Food Pantry to celebrate Girl Scout week, and collecting over 4 cases of cookies and donating them to the frontline workers at the Maine Health Vaccine site at Scarborough Downs. WOW!

It is not all work and no play for this troop though! They participated in the Gorham Holiday Lights Parade, went snow tubing, hiked and explored the old Gambo Gunpowder Mills, and had a year-end ceremony on Portland's waterfront with a ride on the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

This group of Girl Scouts has been together since kindergarten and are graduating next year, but even a pandemic won’t stop them from enjoying every minute of Girl Scouting until that day!

*Click on the images for a larger view.

  • Troop 2300 at Narrow Gauge Railroad
  • Troop-2300
  • Troop 2300 Bridging
  • Santa-to-a-Senior-Troop-2300
  • Troop 2300 on a Christmas float

2021 Gold Award Highlights

Read more about their Girl Scout Gold Award projects by clicking on their images below. These stories will be posted on June 26, 2021.

  • Ella Hanson
  • Rebecca Hatt
  • Elaine Hutchins
  • Ellie Judice
  • Claudia Kenneway
  • Caitlyn Young

2021 Silver Award Highlights

Read more about their Girl Scout Silver Award projects by clicking on their images. These stories will be posted on June 19, 2021.

  • Sara Ackley and Taylor Clayton
  • Meghan and Brinn Irish
  • Lilliana Lozier
  • Franchesca Muccio
  • Abagayle Mulherin
  • Eliza Nickelson
  • Zada Smith and Abigail Gardner
  • Samantha Thomas
  • Alyssa Tynan
  • Kendra Wilbur
  • Kayleigh Young

Past Awardees

Girl Scout Gold Award Stories
2020 Gold Award Girl Scouts
  • Gold Award Girl Scout, Isabella Chandler
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Girl Scout Silver Award Stories
2020 Silver Award Girl Scouts
  • Abby Fiore
  • Autumn Wellington
  • Bailey O'Rourke
  • Chloe Pierce
  • Chloé Ruest
  • Ginger Waters
  • Katy Hankinson
  • Leah Cromarty
  • Lorenza Piper
  • MacKenzie Michaud
  • Mackinna Campbell
  • Macy Farrington
  • Madison Boucher
  • Maeve Donnelly
  • Molly Graham
  • Nora Spratt
  • Olivia Marion
  • Olivia McCartney
  • Olivia Neely
  • Olivia Stewart
  • Taylor Mario
2019 Silver Award Girl Scouts
  • Acadia Lane
  • Aila, Athena, Josie, and Megan
  • Ayla, Camilla, and Rebecca
  • Danielle and Emily
  • Devlin Geisler
  • Emma Butterfield
  • Emma Gaecklein
  • Grace Pierce
  • Hannah Reed
  • Izzy Densmore
  • Kasey Jordan
  • Kimberley Spears
  • Mikaela Spooner
  • Olivia Buswell
  • Rebecca Caron
  • Taylor Jordan
2018 Silver Award Girl Scouts
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Riley-Flannery-Green-Team
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Rayna-Schinhofen-Composting-at-Curtis-Memorial-Library
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Rachel-Prejean-Summer-Reading-Program
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Maddy-Buzza-Little-Free-Libraries
  • 2018-Silver-Award-MacKenna-Homa-Seed-Lending-Library
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Kelly-Bruns-Small Animal-Survey-for-Foster-Families
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Karissa-and-Brooke-Summertime-STEM
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Hannah-Robertson-StoryWalk
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Grace-Girardin-Outdoor Homework-Area
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Gillian-Elaine-and-Montana-E.E.M.S.-Art-Club
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Erin-Corcoran-Mini-Libraries
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Amanda-Winslow-Oragami-with-Yarn
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Adeline-Dolly-Busy-Blankets
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Abigail-Decrow-4H-Showmanship-Rabbit-Show
  • 2018-Silver-Award-Abigail-and-Charlena-Veteran-Parking

The Power of the G.I.R.L. Experience

With nonstop adventure at every turn, Girl Scouts always have great, inspiring stories to tell.

Whether they’re taking on awesome change-the-world service projects, going on life-altering trips to incredible places, or having BIG outdoor fun and forging “forever friendships,” the excitement of learning something new and building a lifetime of memories is remarkable—and the stories of girls, volunteers, parents, and alumnae are a true testament to the power of the Girl Scout experience.

Have a great Girl Scout story to share? How has Girl Scouts made a difference in your life? Would you be willing to share it with us?


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