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GSME Patches

In addition to working on your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting badges and Journey awards, you can work on these earned patches specifically through Girl Scouts of Maine!

The Great Outdoors Summer/Winter Challenge
Winter and Summer Challenge Patch

What is better than experiencing the Great Outdoors? Complete as many activities as possible from this list—at least as many as are required for your Girl Scout grade level—to earn the Great Outdoors Challenge Patch!  

Girl Scout Spirit Year
Girl Scout Spirit Year

Join girls from around the state of Maine in showing your Girl Scout Spirit all year long! This patch program will introduce you to Girl Scouts songs and traditions. Learn more

GSME Recruiter Patch
GSME Recruiter Patch

The best way to recruit new members is for current Girl Scouts to help us spread the word! Girls can help us, and earn a patch, by participating in the new member recruitment challenge. Read more

Global Action
Global Action Patch

The Girl Scouts Global Action award is an exciting and enriching way for Girl Scout Daisies to Ambassadors to participate in realizing the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals which aim to reduce extreme poverty and impact major world concerns. See more

Paper Scientist Patch Program
Paper Scientist Patch

Did you know that there are paper products all around you? Paper is part of your life every day - from the books you read to the tissue you might need if you have a runny nose. Paper is a great material because it is renewable and recyclable. New products can be made from old paper and we keep on growing trees to make more of it. For Juniors and Cadettes. Read more

Animal Shelter Awareness Patch
Animal Shelter Awareness Patch

The Animal Shelter Awareness Patch program helps Daisies - Ambassadors understand the issues and needs surrounding animal behavior, animal care,  finances, and how they all relate to your local animal shelter. Girls may earn this patch at each age level by completing the age-appropriate activities. See More

Daisy Patch Program
Daisy Patch

If you have a Daisy Girl Scout, there is a special patch program! See more

Food from the Heart
Food from the Heart Patch

Food From the Heart is a community service project to help girls discover how community outreach is a life skill that can be used every day and how girls can challenge their community to share. See more

Free Being Me
Free being me Patch

Free patches to the first 1,000 girls to complete this program! Empowering girls through improving body confidence and self esteem. See more

State Capital
State Capital Patch

Learn more about our state capital through the State Capital Patch Program. See more

Download the Maine State Museum Scavenger Hunt

Maine Lobster Patch
Maine Lobster Patch

The Maine Lobster Patch program gives Daisies - Ambassadors the opportunity to learn more about lobsters and their impact on the state of Maine. You will learn about lobster body parts, Maine history, as well as many of the issues facing lobsters and the lobster industry.
See more

Family Shining Star
Family Shining Star Patch

Get involved as a Girl Scout family member or friend in your Girl Scout’s troop. She will be eligible for this patch and be able to show all that she has a family member or friend who is a star in helping Girl Scouting happen! See more or get the certificate.

Good Turn Days
Good Turn Day Patch

Work in partnership with Goodwill Industries of Northern New England to do community service in your area. The community service begins with collecting gently used clothing, linens and toys to donate to Goodwill. See more

Outdoor Skills
Outdoor Skills Patch

This program for all ages has a concentration on outdoor camping skills and activities including, fire building, outdoor cooking, dressing for the weather, environmental projects and safety skill building. Participants begin with Level 1 and progress at their own pace to complete any or all levels. See more

Sustainable Maine
Sustainable Maine Patch

Flex your citizen muscles to affect positive change in your homes and communities. All levels of Girl Scouts can participate to help increase awareness and participation in the new state-wide paint recycling program in Maine, called PaintCare. See more

Treasure ME!
Treasure ME! Patch

From its beaches, to potato fields, to the rocky coast and majestic mountains, Maine’s geography is as rich as it is diverse. Another Maine “treasure” is our Girl Scouts who, through their courage, confidence, and character, contribute so much to the quality of our lives. For these reasons and to encourage travel throughout the state, Girl Scouts of Maine is introducing the Treasure ME! Patch Program. Girls simply attend a council-sponsored program, a community partner event, or create their own experience whether it is one-of-a-kind, listed in multiple locations, or at one of our camps, and they will be eligible for the portion of the patch that represents that area of the state. List of towns and regions

Choose Your Own Maine Adventure Guide

Experience the Maine outdoors like never before with the help of this guide. Pick a town to explore and use this guide to plan your excursion, or even try using this guide to determine what type of adventure you want to do and then find out where it is offered in our state! Don’t forget to explore your area and maybe even ask some of your Girl Scout sisters about some other possible places to explore as well. Learn more here.  

valYOU! Patch

The purpose of the valYOU! Patch Program is to help Girl Scout Brownies build a sense of equality and self-worth. Activities focus on valuing self, beginning to learn negotiation skills, learning about the value of money and savings, and goal setting. 

Knife Safety Patch
Knife Safety Patch

The Pocket Knife Safety program is designed to help girls become confident in their ability to safely and effectively use a pocket knife. After mastering each of the 4 stages of this program, a girl has earned her right to carry and use a pocket knife for Girl Scouts. See More

Atlantic Salmon Patch Program
Atlantic Salmon Patch

Juniors and Cadettes, learn about the life of salmon, the laws regarding salmon fishing practices, and other issues related to this endangered species. After learning about the Atlantic salmon, take action to make a difference in your local community. Read more