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Cookie Q & A


You have questions? We have answers!

When does the cookie sale begin?
Initial order taking begins January 6 - January 31.

When can customers start purchasing cookies online?
Girl Scout Cookie Season has been extended to May 31st. At this time cookies are available online only. If you don’t know a Girl Scout, visit to order cookies online for direct shipping or to donate cookie shares to first responders, health care staff, and other essential community workers in Maine.

How much will cookies be this year?
Cookies will still be $4/box!  Gluten Free cookies will be $5/box.

What are the ways that customers can buy cookies?
This year, customers have three different ways to purchase their favorite treats. Girl Scouts will start taking orders starting in January, hosting Booth Sales in March, and customers can purchase their cookies online through a Girl Scout.

How can customers buy cookies online?
Using the abcsmartcookie platform, Girl Scouts will be able to take in-person orders using their cell phones on the smartcookie app. Girls will also be able to send a specialized e-card to their customers, with a link to order cookies online. Customers will be able to place their order, enter their credit card information safely and have their order shipped directly to their house. An important note is that this email link must come directly from the girl…if you forward the email to a friend, the link will no longer work.

What are girls learning with the online cookie sale? 
Today’s girls are technology whizzes, and they wanted a cookie program that can teach them twenty-first-century skills in twenty-first-century ways—skills they’ll need to have in order to be leaders in today’s high-tech world.In addition to helping girls build the 5 Skills of the traditional Girl Scout Cookie Program—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics—Digital Cookie will teach e-marketing, online commerce, website usage, digital order taking and shipping—all vital activities for modern business and modern life!In keeping with the spirit of learning these skills, it is important to note that customers can only order cookies from a Girl Scout, whether it’s in-person when they place their order or visit a booth sale, or receive an email from a Girl Scout inviting them to order online.

What kind of cookies can customers order? Is there a limit?
Customers can order their favorites in any quantity.  There are no minimum orders or limits.

How much is shipping?
Standard shipping is as follows: 1-12 packages  is $11.50. Additional shipping fees apply to orders over 12 packages. Standard shipping fees are just for the contiguous 48 states. AK & HI can ship for an additional $50.00 per order.

How long will it take for a customer to receive their cookies?
About a week! Once their order is placed, customers will receive emails, keeping them updated on the order process – one to say their order was received, a second to say their order is being processed, and a third to say that their order has been shipped.

Who gets the funds?
Here is how the cookie crumbles: 75 cents from every box of cookies is retained by the troop and 7 cents is retained by the Service Unit. The remainder of the money is sent to the bakery to pay for the cookies and is retained by the council to fund services provided to girls and leaders, such as program activities, financial help for girls, subsidies for the cost of camp, training resources and support for volunteers.

Do the cookies sold online count towards the number girls need to earn the free session of camp?

YES! Girls who have already qualified for the Free Camp Challenge must sell 350 packages of cookies during the entire sale, all the way through March 31. This includes initial orders as well as online orders. Cookie booth sales are not included.

Note: At least 15 of the sales must be for cookie shares and any additional cookie shares will count toward the 350 total.

Can they be shipped to military addresses?
An additional $5.00 per order applies to shipments made to APO/FPO boxes.