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Resident Camp

Resident Camp is an overnight camp adventure where you can explore the outdoors with friendly, caring and specially-trained camp counselors at Camp Pondicherry or Camp Natarswi.  We have lots of options from Classic Camp programs like Camp Together, Trail Explorers, Trail Blazers and Trail Guides, to Specialty Programs where you can delve into specific passions like horseback riding, canoeing, cooking, sailing, rock climbing, and more.

  • Classic: Our traditional resident camp experience! Campers have the option to choose from many exciting activities including swimming, outdoor living skills, paddling on the lake, creative arts, and archery, to name a few. They will have plenty of time to work on Trail Master levels while getting the choice to try new things. Classic programs are Camp Together, Trail Explorers, Trail Blazers and Trail Guides.

  • Specialty: Girls focus on particular skills, and out-of-camp trips or experiences, while still having time to choose classic camp activities! Are you interested in horses? Camp Pondicherry’s specialty horse programs would be perfect! What about sailing or rock climbing? Camp Natarswi offers awesome specialty adventure programs. Check out our other specialty offerings like cooking, art, archery, hiking, canoe trips, wilderness survival, and more!

  • Leadership: Older girls practice working directly with campers and staff as they learn what it takes to lead. Experiences in problem solving, group facilitation, and communication help them develop their leadership skills, while being immersed in the camp experience. Check out Counselor in Training, and Team Katahdin. Available only for girls in grades 6-12.

You can decide on which activity you want to do for the whole week, or you can change your activity every day. Each afternoon, choose activity blocks with traditional camp activities or something fun that you haven’t done before. You can work on Trail Master levels too! It’s all about your choice!

You can choose one-and two-week sessions, and Camp Natarswi has several exciting three-and four-week programs. Enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, kayaking, canoeing, archery, theater, cooking, creative arts, nature/hiking, outdoor skills, sports, challenge course, high ropes course, hatchet throwing and much more.  Girls choose several activities on the first night to attend all week, plus there is daily choice period.  Interested in working on your Trail Master patch?  Classic programs are perfect because they give you the proper time to really hone your skills.

In all sessions we offer some activities that are part of the optional Trail Master program, allowing you to earn up to four levels of the Trail Master patch over the course of several summers. Learn more

Camp is full of surprises, too, and there are always plenty of exciting and unique activities going on! Tremendous fun awaits you as you learn new skills, songs and games, and celebrate friendships around the warmth of a campfire, all while discovering that you are a courageous, confident, and all-around awesome girl!