Troop Volunteers, part 2: the Adventure Continues - Virtually -8,5.24
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Date: Mon Aug 05, 6:00 PM EDT - Mon Aug 05, 8:00 PM EDT
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You’ve signed up to be a troop volunteer, completed the online Troop Volunteers, Part 1: The Adventure Begins, in gsLearn, and have met with your troop a couple of times or for about one month. Now, it is time for you to complete your next training requirement!

This face-to-face interactive session is designed for new and experienced troop volunteers alike to come with questions and challenges, share discoveries and successes, and bolster your knowledge, skills, and understanding of working with a Girl Scout troop in Maine. We will discuss programming—Badges, Journeys, and Travel—as well as managing troop dynamics, troop finances, and finding support and resources.

To be considered fully trained, all new troop volunteers are required to take this course prior to taking their troops on field trips beyond the regular meeting place.