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Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Welcome! Thank you for choosing to make a difference in our future leaders. We are working hard to support all of our Adult Volunteers with great learning resources. This page will help you see the Opportunities with Learning for all your volunteer needs!

Before you take a look at the course offerings, please make sure to review our Adult Learning Policies and Procedures below!

  1. Start with gsLearn and Troop Volunteers, Part 1! That’s also where you’ll find Troop Camp Training, Part 1 when you’re ready for that!
  2. Please register in advance so we can be prepared. Register through gsEvents by calling 888-922-4763 or emailing.
  3. Courses start on time. For in-person sessions, plan to arrive 10 minutes early to sign in. For virtual session, plan to arrive 3-5 minutes early.
  4. If you cannot attend, please call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Please review our Cancellation Policy.
  5. You may bring food and drinks to class.
  6. Please DO NOT bring children; childcare is not provided.
  7. Girls in middle school and high school may attend if there is space available.
  8. Volunteers who are pre-registered will be notified of cancellations or changes. Notices will be recorded on the council’s answering machine at 888-922-4763.
  9. Check if the weather is at all doubtful. Virtual courses will not be canceled unless the power is out.
Troop Volunteers

Troops are required to have two approved, unrelated, trained leaders. As a leader you are required to take the online course Troop Volunteers, Part 1: The Adventure Begins! On gsLearn. As a registered adult member, you can access gsLearn from your MY GS portal on our website. When you log in, just click on gsLearn and you’ll be all set!

After 2-4 meetings or about one month,  you must attend the follow-up face-to-face class, Troop Volunteers Part 2: The Adventure Continues!

Please note: During the COVID-19 time, this face-to-face course will be conducted virtually.

Troop Volunteers, Part 1: The Adventure Begins!

When you and at least one other unrelated, registered, and approved adult complete this course, you will be able to start meeting with your troop! In this online, introductory training, you will learn the basics of being a Girl Scout Troop Leader.

Take Troop Volunteers, Part 1 now

Troop Volunteers, Part 2: The Adventure Continues!

After you’ve met with your troop 2 to 4 times, but before you take a field trip, you will have questions and context for information to really stick! That’s when you will attend this face-to-face interactive training, designed for new and experienced troop volunteers, alike. Bring your questions, experiences, and co-leaders to get answers and ideas, to review best practices, and to bolster your knowledge, skills, and understanding of working with a Girl Scout Troop in Maine.  You must take Troop Volunteers, Part 1 and please meet with girls at least once BEFORE signing up for Troop Volunteers, Part 2!

Find a Troop Volunteers, Part 2 training near you

Troop Camping

Your Girl Scouts have decided to go on a camping trip. Woohoo! Let’s get you ready.

Troop Camp Training, part 1: Preparation

Take Troop Camp Training, part 1: Preparation on gsLearn, and you’ll learn the basic skills you need to complete a successful Girl Scout camping trip!

This course is a prerequisite to our Troop Camp Training, part 2: Overnight and includes lessons on how to work with the girls in planning the trip as well as an overall view of the camping experience with other people’s kids:

  • progression skills,
  • what to pack,
  • environmental practices,
  • problem solving,
  • and more!

Please note: Volunteers who are not the Troop Leaders may take this course to become the Troop Camp Trained adult for the troop, but they must register, complete a background check, and commit to working in partnership with the Troop Leaders who have completed Troop Volunteers, parts 1 & 2 and with the girls to prepare for and attend upcoming outings. Your next step will be to attend Troop Camp Training, part 2: Overnight!

Troop Camp Training, part 2: Overnight

After you’ve completed Troop Camp Training, part 1 and you’ve started to prepare with your troop for your adventures, you’ll get to take Troop Camp Training, part 2: Overnight! This weekend course gives you a real Learn-by-Doing, collaborative opportunity to prepare.

Our focus is on making your troop’s camping experience a good one for everyone, so whether you have never camped or you’re a Maine Guide, you’ll find treasures to take with you as we practice and share outdoor camping skills for Girl Scouts in Maine.

Find trainings here.

Juliette Support

If you are a parent, care-giver, or mentor for an individually registered Girl Scout in Maine, this is a great place to start! Watch our "Working with Juliettes" video here.

Here are some links we refer to in the video:

Service Team Support

If you are interested in joining your local service team, you can find learning resources here. (link coming soon)

Additional Learning Opportunities

For additional learning opportunities, please visit gsLearn. These courses will be starting there soon.

  • CPR & First Aid
  • Let’s Go: Trips 3 Nights and Longer
  • Let's Plan: Events
  • Let's Plan: Camporees