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Did You Know…

Camp is awesome! Girls with more frequent outdoor experiences are more likely to seek challenges and are better at solving problems—qualities that will help them both academically and personally in the future.


Camp gives her cool new experiences! 72% of girls surveyed said that Girl Scouts gave them the chance to build their skills or try new outdoor activities.


Camp makes everything better! Spending time in nature improves concentration and creative reasoning. Outdoor experiences also help promote healthy social development and increase her self-esteem.

Whether you try day campresident camptroop mini-camp, or family camp, you will have the experience you’ve always dreamed of – one full of excitement, exploration and adventure. Girl Scout Camp is chock-full of endless possibilities and we want every girl to be able to enjoy the great outdoors while taking advantage of amazing opportunities.


To see how Girl Scouting in the great outdoors builds female leaders, check out the Girl Scout Research Institute's Study "From Girl Scout Camp to Real-World Champ"!

Celebrate 50 Years at Camp Pondicherry on August 24, 2019!

Spend a day or the weekend reminiscing with camp friends, sharing memories and reflections of camp life with alumni who love your camp as much as you do at Camp Pondicherry's 50th Anniversary Celebration! Current campers will celebrate all summer long; this is a special event for camp alumni, not a troop eventLearn more

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Camp registration is open!  

New for 2019:

  • Two new Pondicherry cabins for our youngest campers
  • Hatchet Throwing – a new target sport at both camps
  • New canoe and wilderness trips
  • More paddleboards
  • Leadership Programs, Camp Aide (grades 7-9), and Team Katahdin (grades 9 and up)
  • Ukuleles at Pondicherry
  • Family camps at Pondicherry and Natarswi

Meet our Camp Directors

Listen to our camp directors, Tree Wheeler and Mary Boyle, as they tell you about themselves and your camp adventure. Just click to listen to the webinar. Send them an email, or give them a call at 888-922-4763 and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about camp.

Click here to learn more about our awesome camp directors!

Don't you just LOVE camp?

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