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GSME Amazing Boston Race - Boston - 08.10.23

Thu Aug 10, 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM EDT
Life Skills
Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers, Cadettes

With your team, explore Boston in the ultimate travel-based scavenger hunt through the city. Solve clues, visit the sites, and complete challenges, all while you learn important troop travel skills. With a little friendly competition to push you along, you'll plan out your day-trip to the greater Boston area. The trip starts off with a train ride into the city where you'll learn how the day runs and have time to plan your trip. Throughout the day, your team will earn points for your selected activities. Groups larger than 6 girls should plan to have at least 2 patrols (and the appropriate number of adults to cover ratios for each group) to help ensure the day runs smoothly. This will also ensure you don't need to make advanced reservations for a large group. Please budget an additional $20 - $30 per person for the activities you select - the exact costs will be up to you and how much your group wants to spend. Points will be awarded for creating a budget and sticking to your budget.  

Girls must have a family adult or troop leader to supervise them during the event. Troop Leaders: if you are registering your troop, please follow troop ratios.