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Camp Adventures for Grown Ups: Chilling Out! - 02.04.22

Fri Feb 04, 7:00 PM - Sun Feb 06, 12:00 PM EST

What's more beautiful than winter in the hills of Maine? 

At Camp Adventures for Grown Ups: Chilling Out! we celebrate all of the best things about winter whether you prefer it indoors or out!

There’s a track for everyone and all abilities! You’ll get to try any activity at a level of progression that’s right for you!

Please note: the deadline to order t-shirts has passed. As of Dec 31 t-shirts are no longer available to be ordered.

  • Isn’t it pretty outside? track for those who enjoy winter time—from inside a warm shelter.
  • It’s pretty outside, but…track for those who would enjoy a bit more time in the snow, but a break (or two) inside would be nice.
  • It’s pretty awesome outside! track for those who want to really chill out—ready for adventure and that extra challenge, regardless of the weather.

Enjoy connecting with other grown-up Girl Scouts in the outdoors, and then, when you come in from the cold, you can settle into the cozy Chalet!

Sign up by December 31st to get the early registration rate of just $49!!

As a fun reminder of your adventures at Chilling Out be sure to order your t-shirt by Dec 31!