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Congratulations to Linda Libby, April’s Volunteer of the Month!

Linda Libby

Linda grew up in an area of Westbrook that had no Girl Scout troops. Because of this, when her daughter became old enough to be a Brownie in 1974, they became registered in Windham Troop 4. That was over 45 years ago, and she is still an active Girl Scout! “When my family moved to Stow, Maine in 1978, I found Cadette/Senior Troop 58 didn’t have a leader, so I stepped forward. I am still on that troop’s roster all these years later." That same year, she started the first Daisy troop in the Lovell area.  
Wanting to know what was happening in Girl Scouts, Linda joined the (former) Mountain Service Team (now Apple Mountain Service Team), later taking on the service unit manager role. Over the years, she has held numerous roles such as; a delegate, an orienter, and a troop organizer/consultant. Wherever Linda sees a need, she steps to the plate offering solutions. When Linda saw the older girl numbers in her service unit declining, she started a once a month “Teen Gathering”. Also, to show appreciation for volunteers, she started the once a month “Pamper the Leader” fun night for leaders. Volunteer appreciation is important to Linda and is why her service unit can count on her to produce a thank you gift for volunteer appreciation each year.
“At age 79, I am now a Daisy leader and last year a Junior leader. Whichever troop needs a leader, I sign up. I never want a girl to want to be a Girl Scout, but can’t because there is no troop for her.” Often you can find Linda filling in for other troops if they are a leader short for a meeting/activity or just need another pair of hands or driver.
What Girl Scouts means to Linda: “One of the things about Girl Scouts that means so much to me is that I think of Girls Scouts as my family. When I’ve watched a new leader take over or an Ambassador Girl Scout who started as a Daisy graduate from high school, it is like being so proud of one of my family.”
When asked what was one of her favorite parts or experiences over the years, Linda responded, “I have had so many, many great experiences over the years. I think my most recent one is when those eight smiling faces come into their Daisy meeting. The excitement and enthusiasm they have is so contagious.”
“It’s very hard for me to put into words all the feelings and love I have for the Girl Scout program.”