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Somerset Service Unit Glow Party

Somerset Service Unit Glow Party

The Somerset Service Unit hosted a Founder's Day glow party where they had glow face painting, a glow tattoo station, glow sticks, glasses, headbands, necklaces, and a binary code bead station. They also had a create your own Halloween gorp station with popcorn, candy corn, bugles, and more. It wouldn't be a party without dancing! They put together a playlist with a mix of Halloween, pop, and country songs. Throughout the party they also got asked some Girl Scout trivia questions, got to color, and got to do some fun crosswords and wordsearches!

This glow party wasn't only about having fun though. The girls brought donations for the Somerset Humane Society. They were able to donate a full tote of cat litter and various treats and toys for both cats and dogs. Troop 351 also made blankets to donate! Lily from troop 1375 volunteers at the Somerset Humane Society and was able to drop off all the donations from the party.

The Somerset Service Unit knows how to party and give back to their community at the same time! Way to go, girls!

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