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Silver Award Girl Scout, Viola

Viola Perkins

Elevate College Care Packages

Sometimes when Viola would go to camp, she would feel lonely and miss home. In talking with students and others at her church, she discovered that this feeling of many college students leave home each fall. She also discovered that for some students living independently is overwhelming at first, and that the pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety, depression, and loneliness amongst college age students. Viola teamed up with her church to create a care package program to distribute to new college students. Viola also worked with mental health experts to create pamphlets to include that covered healthy habits such as eating, sleeping, and study tips and tricks, all which help to combat feelings of anxiety depression, and loneliness. To ensure that her project would continue, Viola worked with members of her youth group to educate them about the program and familiarize them with the processes to run the program. Viola lived the Girl Scout law through her project by, “Helping others and trying my best at everything I did.”