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Silver Award Girl Scout, Maggie

Maggie O'Rourke

Reading Fun Club

Maggie observed that reading, literacy, and other social activities are not a priority in her community. Leveraging information she learned from her project advisor about key learning challenges in elementary school Maggie created an afterschool book and fun club. The club was for second graders and allowed them to work on their literacy and social skills afterschool. One challenge that Maggie faced throughout her project was when the school had to switch from in-person learning to virtual learning. Maggie was able to pivot her project and keep the club going via zoom. One of Maggie’s goals was to have the participants read higher level books. Maggie observed that the more the students read they were more comfortable reading in front of peers and doing better on their accelerated reader tests of the books. Maggie says that through her project she, “Discovered that I was not as good working with kids as I thought.  I had to build relationships with the students before they would ask for help. However, I can be a leader and a positive role model.”