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Silver Award Girl Scout, Ella

Ella Glover

Greene Baptist Church Food Pantry Marketing Plan

Ella’s church has a food cupboard, but something she discovered was that it was underutilized because people did not know about it. In talking with people at her church, she discovered that the church had no way to market their food cupboard. Ella enlisted the help of a local engineer and designer to assist with creating a sign for the food cupboard. Through the creation and strategic placement of her sign, Ella’s target audience for her project gained the ability to not only know about the food pantry, but also learn about their hours of operation. In addition to the sign, Ella also created a Facebook page for the food pantry and well as a poster campaign. Each of these initiatives allowed the food pantry to share additional information about the pantry and reach a broader audience. Ella created templated Facebook posts and poster designs and worked with staff at her church, teaching them how to use Facebook. She also worked with local businesses gaining permission to hang the informational posters and created a distribution and marketing schedule for the church staff. Ella said, “There is a lot more to running a food pantry than just passing out food and necessities to those in need. With my growing confidence, I will be able to approach people with new ideas.”