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Silver Award Girl Scout, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Smith

Hygiene & First Aid Kits for the Homeless

Elizabeth learned that homelessness is a huge problem in her community. She also learned about stigmas related to homelessness such as personal hygiene. Elizabeth teamed up with her church to create a program that addressed the lack of proper hygiene and first aid care within the homeless population. Some of the goals Elizabeth set for her project were to find a way for the homeless to improve their daily life, to feel clean and heathy, and to be a part of their community. Another goal was to teach people about helping the homeless. As part of her project Elizabeth established an annual collection drive at her church for people to donate supplies to make hygiene and first aid kits for the homeless. Elizabeth’s program has been very successful and has provided over 56 people with hygiene kits. “I had better leadership skills when it came to organizing my project. I am also comfortable reaching out to and speaking with others,” said Elizabeth.