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Silver Award Girl Scouts, Delia and Celia

Delia and Celia

Gaga Ball Education

Delia and Celia discovered that their town was having a new gaga pit constructed at the local community center and learned that many people don’t know how to play or even what gaga ball is. They decided that by adding an educational sign explaining the rules and purpose of gaga ball, as well as a bench, to their town’s new gaga pit, they would provide everyone a better experience. Their project goals which they successfully achieved, included making people happy, sharing a lesser-known game that they love with their community, and to provide a resource for kids to take care of both their mental and physical health. Just a day after they finished building, they visited to see happy people everywhere and kids sweating and laughing! Delia said that through their project they, “Gained the knowledge of planning, time management, collaboration, and clear communication are all essential skills for completing a project of this size in the amount of time given.”

Celia added, “I learned woodworking, digital editing, and budgeting. I worked on my art skills; I wrote lots of emails, and more. Woodworking and digital editing are unique and cool skills to have, while writing good emails and budgeting are things that I will do in everyday life when I am an adult.”