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Silver Award Girl Scouts, Acadia, Adelaide, and Abigail

Acadia, Adelaide, and Abigail

Gaga Pit

Through observations of their town Acadia, Adelaide and Abigail discovered that because of the pandemic kids were staying inside more and screen time for youth was at an all-time high. The girls had previously created a makeshift Gaga Pit at their school and discovered that kids enjoyed the game, even those who weren’t as inclined to physical activity. With this information the girls worked with their local Community Center to pitch their idea to the town to create a safe place for people to play and a sense of community through the Gaga Pit. Also, to improve the mental and physical health of kids. The girls ensured the sustainability of their project by constructing the Gaga Pit out of durable materials and educated the Rec Center staff about basic maintenance. Abigail says that one of the skills she gained through her project is, “That if I have an idea and am committed to it I can make it happen.” Adelaide says they all lived the Girl Scout law by, “Politely letting each other share our ideas, and giving input. We made sure the work was evenly distributed between each of us, and we were understanding with one another when we were too busy to attend a meeting.”