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Gold Award Girl Scout, Madelyn

Madelyn Buzza

E-911 Number Signs

Madelyn noticed the declining number of E-911 number signs in Scopan Lake. For many years, properties were identified by lot numbers. In November of 1988, Maine voters approved the establishment of the state E-911 system; and since then, some property owners have failed to make the switch or don’t have any numbers displayed at all. It is extremely difficult for first responders to find a property in an emergency when the signs are inconsistent. Regardless of the look, price, or requirements of the signs, they should all be displayed uniformly for everyone’s safety.

She purchased 141 aluminum, large, blue, reflective, E-911 house number signs for every property in the T11-R4 Township. Mapleton Fire Department and Ashland Ambulance Department are the two emergency responding companies that respond to Scopan Lake emergencies.

Her main goal was to improve the lack of and inconsistency of 911 number signs at Scopan Lake. Madelyn said that there were life threatening inconsistencies with the previous numbering practice. A few of her observed inconsistencies were: incorrect numbers being displayed and numbers that cannot easily be seen, and no numbers displayed at all.

Madelyn noted, “The most successful part of my project was that I installed all of my signs and I saw such positive reactions from camp owners and the general public. It wasn’t just the project that was rewarding, it was how people responded that made me feel very proud to be a Girl Scout working to earn her Gold Award.”