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Gold Award Girl Scout, Hannah

Hannah Robertson

Adulting: Life Skills Seminars

Hannah’s Gold Award project aimed to help teens develop basic life skills that are no longer taught in schools. She wanted to help teens learn from experts in her community about politics, gardening, cooking, financial literacy, first aid, automotive skills, and home management, so that they are better equipped to take action of adult responsibilities. She began her project by addressing the root cause of the issue—partnering with the Acton Public Library and different community members to teach classes on these neglected life skills.

When asked about how the pandemic has affected her project and efforts, Hannah said, “In light of COVID, we attempted to video the first several sessions to upload to YouTube. However due to our limited skill and technology, this was not a practical solution. For later seminars we switched to a Zoom option for people who were uncomfortable attending in-person. To do this we had to improve the Library’s WI-FI and were able to do so with a partnership with a local company.”

Hannah’s project is sustained beyond her involvement by the director and board of the Acton Public Library, whom she partnered with throughout her Gold Award. The trustees were excited to continue to promote and offer adulting seminars. The Library hopes to continue to offer five or six a year. In addition, York Adult Education may be hosting their own adulating seminars and other Maine Adult Education Programs and homeschool co-ops have expressed interest in the program.