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Congratulations to Pat Provost, our Volunteer of the Month!

Pat Provost

Pat has been a volunteer for many years. While she doesn't have any daughters, when her neighbor asked her to co-lead a troop with her it was an easy decision to make. As a former Girl Scout herself, she had many great memories and was happy to come back and help out as a volunteer. Along with being a Troop Co-Leader, she also served as the Troop Organizer Consultant for seven years on the Dirigo Service Team. When it was time for her granddaughters to join, Pat never hesitated to step forward to help make a troop possible for them. She always knew that she wanted to share in their Girl Scout experiences.

Since Pat had years of volunteer experience with Girl Scouts of Maine, when she returned with her granddaughters, the Dirigo Service Team was fast to ask her to take on the Product Program Supervisor role and we are grateful she agreed to do it. She is a natural! She embraces change and adjustments with a smile on her face and has a "we can do this together" attitude, which makes her a great fit for the service unit.

Pat is an amazing role model, cheerleader, coach, and all around wonderful person who is very conscientious of her volunteers needs; making sure she is giving them accurate and up-to-date information when they need it.  

Thank you, Pat for all you do for your community, the Dirigo Service Unit, and Girl Scouts of Maine!