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Silver Award Girl Scouts, Sara & Taylor

Silver Award Girl Scout, Sara and Taylor

Nice Bags for Nice People

Sara and Taylor live in a coastal community and observed how plastics and plastic bags harm the environment and marine life. They also observed that many people in their community use single-use plastic bags and do not reuse or recycle them. So, Taylor and Sara decided to take their interest in sewing and create reusable bags for people in their community. The girls sewed 50 reusable bags, which were distributed to residents through the local food pantry. Inside the bags, the girls included informational pamphlets on the harmful effects of single-use plastics. To ensure the continuation of their project, the girls included instructions and a pattern for people to make reusable bags out of t-shirts. To measure whether their bags and plastic education were having an impact, the girls also included a survey in each of the bags that included questions about whether the person was using the bag and what they had learned about single-use plastics. Sara said that through her Silver Award project she discovered that she is a leader. "Now that the project is finished and I look back on it I see that I really stepped up into the leadership role in this project and I’m really proud of that.” Taylor said; “I gained the ability to follow through on things. I always stop doing things in the middle of when I’m doing them, so finishing this project with over 50 hours of work made me realize I underestimate myself.”