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Silver Award Girl Scout, Samantha

Silver Award Girl Scout, Samantha

Feed the Need Little Food Pantry

Samantha learned very quickly that with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for and access to food increased exponentially in her community. She teamed up with her town and local Chamber of Commerce to learn how many families were facing food insecurity due to the effects of the pandemic. These organizations helped her discover how many food pantries were in the area and the food shortages they were experiencing due to increased demand. With this information, Samantha decided that the best way to address this issue would be to create a self-sustaining food pantry located in a public space for all to access.

Samantha’s food pantry contains non-perishable food items and distributes personal care and toiletry items that won’t freeze during the winter months. Samantha used her leadership skills by working with the town to gain permission for the food pantry and also worked with other volunteers to organize and coordinate food drives to fill the pantry.

Samantha said that through her project, she discovered that she could speak in front of people. Her advice for other girls working on their Silver Award is that being organized is very important.