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Silver Award Girl Scout, Kendra

Silver Award Girl Scout, Kendra


Winter in Maine can be difficult because of the weather and limited sunlight. For her Silver Award project, Kendra learned that some people are affected by seasonal affective disorder, SAD for short. SAD is caused when reduced levels of sunlight, such as in the fall and winter, may disrupt the body's internal clock and lead to feelings of depression. Kendra teamed up with a mental health professional, who served as her project advisor, to learn what she could do to assist people with SAD.

Kendra learned that one way to address SAD was through light therapy, she was inspired by solutions being implemented in Scandinavian countries to address SAD and decided to create her version of the therapy in her community. With assistance from her Project Advisor, town officials, and the local library, Kendra worked to design and install three lightboxes in community gathering spaces. Due to the pandemic, Kendra was only able to install two lightboxes before stay-at-home orders were mandated. However, Kendra did not let this obstacle halt her project. She worked virtually with her local library to host online events to educate community members about SAD, provide them with coping mechanisms at home, and activities to do as a group over zoom. She ensured the sustainability of her project by the library agreeing to host online events throughout the fall and winter months, and then use the lightbox once people can gather again.

Kendra said that through her project she learned that she is pretty good at hosting online events and was able to live the Girl Scout Promise and Law by being considerate and caring.