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Silver Award Girl Scout, Abagayle

Silver Award Girl Scout, Abagayle

Little Library for Wallagrass

Abagayle lives in a small, rural community in northern Maine. Her community is so small that the population is only a little over 500 people. There isn’t a lot to do in her community, there is a library but there isn’t anyone to manage it, so it’s hardly ever open. Abagayle said that through investigating her community she learned that “by talking to the community I learned this was an underserved area and that by doing this project I would be enabling access to books.” So, Abagayle decided to fulfill her community’s need of consistent access to books by creating a free, mini-library that contains a variety of book genres for all ages.

Abagayle said that through her project she discovered that “If I do research, I can find ways to benefit my community.” She also said that “I know now that it doesn’t take much to change a community if everyone pitches in.” Abagayle also said she gained valuable skills through her project such as carpentry, design, and painting that she knows she will be able to use in the future.

When asked how she lived the Girl Scout Promise and Law through her project work, Abagayle said “I served my community and it [the little library] made it a better place."