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Silver Award Girl Scout, Olivia Stewart

Silver Award Girl Scout, Olivia Stewart

Kids Triathlon Reference Guide

Olivia observed that there weren’t many opportunities for kids to be physically active in her community unless they belonged to an organized sporting team. This observation led her to investigate the issue of childhood physical fitness. She discovered that when kids exercise at younger ages they’re more likely to make physical activity a habit.

Olivia spent time volunteering with the Cumberland/North Yarmouth triathlon to gain a better understanding of how triathlons are organized and what makes them appealing. Through her volunteering, Olivia discovered that one reason triathlons are so appealing is that they “give participants the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try things they would never have been able to before.”

With guidance from her Project Advisor, Olivia decided the best way to tackle the issue of childhood physical fitness would be to create a “Kids Triathlon Reference Guide” so that communities would know how to organize and host physical activities on a reoccurring basis in a way that would be appealing to youths of all ages. Olivia spread the word about the resource she created by inviting other communities to attend a local triathlon and then sharing a digital copy of her reference guide with them.

Olivia’s advice to other girls endeavoring to earn their Silver Award is: “I started my project on something completely different and then found out the organization no longer wanted my help. I thought about giving up on my Silver Award, but I kept pushing and I have learned that you can do anything you put your mind to.”