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Silver Award Girl Scout, Molly Graham

Silver Award Girl Scout, Molly Graham

Resources for Hunger

Molly found herself thinking a lot about children and food insecurity, she was thinking about this so much that she decided to do some research on this global issue and discovered that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. is at risk of hunger. She also discovered that hunger is defined as scarcity of food in a country, but that alone is not a qualifying factor in determining food insecurity. Molly decided to take her research a step further and began talking to local food pantries, school guidance counselors, and other social service organizations to determine what resources were available in her community to address the issue of food insecurity. Molly discovered that there were numerous resources available, but that those in need did not know about them.

With assistance from her project advisor, Molly decided to create a resource booklet that could be distributed to those in need. The booklet included information on the different programs available for food insecurity along with contact information and information on the eligibility of benefits. Molly distributed her booklet to local schools as well as at her Town Office. She also worked with her town officials and school administration to ensure the sustainability of her project. Both entities agreed to continue printing, distributing, and updating her booklet as needed.

One of the most important things Molly learned while working on her project was that “there are just as many resources as there are people needing them. The problem is not everyone knows how to acquire the help they need.”