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Silver Award Girl Scout, Maeve Donnelly

Silver Award Girl Scout, Maeve Donnelly

Music Wall

Maeve observed in her community that the creative arts do not receive enough support or attention and that there is always something else deemed “more important.” Through further investigation, she discovered that children, ages 3-6, do not receive enough exposure to the creative arts, especially music. This was true in communities all over the United States, not just hers.

Maeve teamed up with the Executive Director of the Gorham Community Arts Center, who would become her project advisor, to create the unique solution of a musical wall for her community. Maeve led her team in constructing a multi-colored wall with pots, pans, and other objects attached to it that create musical sounds when they are struck. Maeve strategically placed her wall outside of the Day Care portion of the Gorham Community Arts Center which allows children ages 3-6 the opportunity to use the wall. Additionally, Maeve installed an informational plaque next to the music wall to explain its purpose and the benefits of music and music education.

Maeve is most excited that her project has gotten more kids involved with music and allowed them to be creative. When asked what she learned while working on her Silver Award, Maeve said “I learned that people in this community, particularly when it comes to their children, want what’s best. I learned that if I put my mind to something I can achieve anything.”