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Silver Award Girl Scout, Macy Farrington

Silver Award Girl Scout, Macy Farrington

Alzheimer Blankets

Through her volunteer work at local nursing homes, Macy observed that residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s seemed bored, stressed, and confused. After talking with the nursing home staff, she learned that sensory therapy is one way of calming, soothing, and comforting Alzheimer patients. Macy decided she wanted her Silver Award project to impact the Alzheimer community and she thought the best way to achieve this was by organizing community members to create Fidget Blankets. Macy teamed up with experienced sewers in her area to start a Sewing Club, which would design and create the blankets. Club Members met weekly to learn and practice their sewing skills and to learn about Alzheimer’s and how fidget blankets can help with some of the disease’s effects. In between club meetings, Macy connected with members via a Facebook group to share design ideas, words of encouragement, and information on Alzheimer’s disease.

One of Macy’s project goals was to make 20 blankets to be distributed among 6 area nursing homes which she successfully achieved by reminding club members of the goal. Macy ensured the sustainability of her project in several ways. This included starting a club to create the blankets, educating the club members on Alzheimer’s and its’ effects, and teaching them lifelong skills. To raise even more awareness about Alzheimer’s and to educate and inspire others, Macy created a series of social media posts that were posted on her Troop’s Facebook page. Macy’s posts were viewed, shared, or liked over 3,300 times.

When asked about what she learned by doing her project, Macy said “I have participated in many groups before, but this was the first time I have been a leader, which has helped my skills to grow. I feel more confident.”