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Silver Award Girl Scout, Leah Cromarty

Silver Award Girl Scout, Leah Cromarty

Save the Ducks!

Riverbank Park in Westbrook has a large population of ducks. Leah observed that a popular visitor activity at the park was to feed the ducks bread and cereal, so she decided to investigate this further. She discovered that while people thought they were helping the ducks by feeding them, they were actually causing them harm. Leah talked with staff at Maine Audubon and the Sustainability Manager of Westbrook to confirm that improper feed was causing harm to the duck population. Once she had confirmation, Leah worked with her project advisor to research wildlife feeding ordinances enacted by other towns so she could learn more about her community issue and what was being done to address it.

Leah decided that the best way to make an impact was to educate Westbrook residents and park visitors on the harmful effects of feeding wildlife. Leah, her project advisor, and the Westbrook Services Department worked together to design and erect 3 signs along the Presumpscot River in the park asking visitors not to feed the ducks and explaining the harmful effects of such activities. Leah also had a table at several community events which allowed her to share her project with others and educate the public about her community issue. The town of Westbrook was inspired by Leah’s project that enacted a “Don’t Feed the Ducks Campaign” and they hope to pass an ordinance this spring in response to it.

Leah says that by completing her Silver Award project she feels more confident and that she’s gained new leadership skills, such as public speaking. Leah’s advice to other girls working on their Silver Award is to “just do it and have fun!”