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Silver Award Girl Scout, Chloe Pierce

Silver Award Girl Scout, Chloe Pierce

Story Sacs

Chloe has always loved to read, however, growing up she noticed that her friends and classmates didn’t always share her love of reading. When she decided to earn her Silver Award, Chloe knew she wanted her project to focus on getting others interested in literature.

Her first step was to investigate and learn why children didn’t like to read. She connected with her local librarian, who became her Project Advisor, and discovered that one cause of disinterest is short attention spans and lack of access to books. With help from her project advisor, Chloe decided to create Story Sacs to help engage children in reading. Each sac contains a book and activities to go along with the book.

To help ensure the sustainability of her project, Chloe made an agreement with her local library regarding the care and maintenance of the sacs. She provided them with a list of items included in each sac as well as activity outlines. Chloe was able to share her project with others and create a global connection by emailing other librarians across the state, and in other states, about her project and sharing with them how to make story sacs.

Although Chloe faced some financial challenges related to her project, she used her creativity, and with help from her Project Advisor, was able to use her resources wisely and overcome these challenges.

Chloe was most excited to see that little kids were excited about reading because of her story sacs and advises other girls working on their Silver Award to “do your best work, because the best part of the project is the feeling of completion at the end.”