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Gold Award Girl Scout, Kylie Josephson

Gold Award Girl Scout, Kylie Josephson

Revitalizing Cumberland Congregational Church

Churches across America are suffering from declining attendance and many are seeking ways to maintain vitality in this modern era. That’s why Kylie decided to make this issue the focus of her Gold Award project. She is a member of the Cumberland Congregational Church, a church with over 100 years of history. She discovered that her church provides space for multiple groups and organizations to meet and host activities, however, the room in which these functions are held in struggled to meet many of the needs of the groups. The room needed to be transformed to improve usability of the space and to make it more welcoming.

To enhance the features of the space, and provide more storage, Kylie set out with a team of volunteers to rehabilitate and revitalize her church community's basement. Her rehabilitation project included cleaning the space, giving it a completely new paint job, re-tiling the ceiling, adding cabinets and a countertop for additional storage space, removing outdated and worn furniture, installing a new whiteboard and curtains as well as designing and painting a 4x4 one-of-a-kind mural for the space. To ensure her project would continue on, the church has guidelines for groups using the space. Kylie even provided the church with additional touch-up paint for her mural so the room would continue to look nice.

One obstacle that Kylie faced during her project was not knowing where to begin with her mural. She was fortunate to have her uncle, who happens to be an artist, as one of her team members. He was able to assist her with starting the process of creating a mural. Leading a project with many different people, contributing various skills and talents, was not something Kylie had done before. She said “I learned a lot about myself, as well as what it means to be a good leader. I’m very happy with how my project turned out. If I were to do this project again I would reach out to find more support from people who are artsier than myself since I found it very hard at times to know what to do, how to shade a specific thing, or even how to best instruct those who were helping me. Having a larger outlook on life and how I can help will lead me to new leadership opportunities in the future, which in turn will help my leadership skills to grow and develop further.” To Kylie, the most successful part of her project was “making the room more inviting, and just more happy feeling overall.”