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Gold Award Girl Scout, Audra Hamlin

Gold Award Girl Scout, Audra Hamlin

Stoneham Historical Society

Audra’s town did not have any way of remembering its history and she discovered that, as time went by, the town of Stoneham’s history was dying along with its people. Through collaboration with other historical societies, older residents of Stoneham, and town officials, Audra learned that the cause of this issue was a lack of means and endeavor to preserve historical artifacts. Audra’s Gold Award project aimed to address this lack of means by creating a 501(c)3 historical society to oversee the historic preservation of the Town of Stoneham.

To create an effective historical society, Audra and her team knew they would have to do more than just learn about the processes of creating a nonprofit organization. They would need to learn about the processes of creating a nonprofit organization, learn about the town’s history, and the details of maintaining historical artifacts. The first step was creating an organizational system for the society to inventory and catalog their artifacts. This was accomplished via the use of PastPerfect Museum Software, which is designed specifically for artifact cataloging. In addition to establishing the historical society and its non-profit status, Audra created display cases for rotating displays of local artifacts, which are housed within the Stoneham Town Office. Audra hopes that eventually the historical society will gain enough interest and raise enough funds to purchase or construct their own building. Creating a non-profit organization ensured the continuation of Audra’s project for future generations.

When asked about her project and what she learned by doing it, Audra said “I learned that I have skills that allow people to get interested in what I am promoting […] just putting yourself out there creates a positive energy that gets others excited.”