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Gold Award Girl Scout, Belle Albert: Adoption Maine

Gold Award Girl Scout, Belle Albert

Few resources are available to adoptees, in Maine and across the U.S., and sometimes, adopted children find it difficult to connect and have conversations about what they are going through, even with their adopted families. As the eldest of three adopted children, Belle Albert decided to leverage the power of the Internet and social media to give children and teens from ages 13-19 an opportunity to communicate in a safe environment.

Belle created a website and Facebook group as the platforms to connect adoptees with other adoptees and professional resources to support them. In order to provide the right resources on her newly developed platforms, Belle built a support team of people in the adoption community including adoption lawyers and counselors, adoptive parents and other adoptees of all ages. The website introduces the individuals on the support team, provides answers to FAQs, and even has a chat feature to talk to Belle. The closed Facebook group she started offers a safe space to ask questions and engage in online community discussions.

Belle’s Gold Award project has helped adoptees in Maine and beyond make personal connections and will continue to serve as a resource for adoptees seeking support, as well as inspiration and guidance for those seeking to start their own local groups through the handbook she developed to encourage others to create similar platforms in other states.