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Gold Award Girl Scout, Bailee Kinney: EveryBODY Is BeYOUtiful!

Gold Award Girl Scout, Bailee Kinney

At least 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime, according to International Journal of Eating Disorders. Yet there remains a lack of awareness and scarcity of resources in Maine high schools about this issue. Through her Gold Award project Bailee worked to change and learned something important along the way, “I no longer feel as though I need to wait for someone to start a movement so I can follow along and show my support. I can use my voice to be the leader of the movement.” And that is exactly what she did!

First Bailee created and held a training for the middle and high school teachers and staff members in her school district so they could have the tools to support students who are struggling with an eating disorder in a gentle, supportive, and effective manner. Building on those materials and training experience she developed a lesson plan for integration into her high school’s mental health unit and an informational pamphlet for distribution.

Expanding her impact beyond her local community, Bailee shared the resources she created, in digital format, with 176 guidance directors and counselors, representing 114 high schools across the State of Maine. Providing these resources digitally was not only economical and environmentally friendly, but made them easily accessible and sharable for years to come, boosting the impact and sustainability of Bailee’s project.