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Gold Award Girl Scout, Ava Sealander: Brooklin School Compost and Green Curriculum

Gold Award Girl Scout, Ava Sealander

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food grown annually is lost or wasted after production…that is  lot of waste and most people are unaware of the global effects and financial drain it represents. Ava Sealander set out to bring awareness to this issue and a local solution to her community.

Through her project Ava came to an important realization “that communities exist to bring people together, and it is the individual leadership and generosity of ordinary people that creates a bond between people in specific towns, geographic areas, or even whole states.” And that is exactly what Ava’s leadership and Gold Award project did for her community.

Ava accomplished this in three phases: constructing wooden composting bins; creating a public composting system; and gathering information and resources for the Brooklin School's Gardening Arts education program.

The compost bins, placed at the Brooklin School garden and near the school’s kitchen, kick started composting by providing infrastructure. The school and wider community can now compost properly with the support of the students, staff, and in the summers the Brooklin Youth Corps. Next Ava helped develop supplemental curriculum for third and fourth graders at the Brooklin School to further educate students about environmental issues. The positive impact of Ava’s project will be felt for generations, bringing local attention and practical solutions to a ongoing global issue.