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Gold Award Girl Scout, Audrey Hankinson: House Number Ordinance

Gold Award Girl Scout, Audrey Hankinson

In an emergency, “every second counts” according to Cumberland Fire Chief Dan Small, “if we can’t find you, we can’t help you.” Audrey Hankinson’s Gold Award project set out to help improve the safety of the people in her community by helping them be found.

A need was identified and an idea sparked when Audrey was out with her mother delivering Girl Scout cookies, they had trouble finding house addresses from the street! If they couldn’t see house numbers, how can first responders find them in an emergency? Research by Audrey discovered there was a House Number Town Ordinance, but few people knew about it or thought about its importance.

In an effort to improve public safety by helping first responders easily identify homes, therefore reducing emergency response time, Audrey focused on developing a campaign to educate Cumberland citizens on the House Number Town Ordinance. Audrey’s goal was to increase the number of homes that are properly numbered. She accomplished her goal by developing and distributing literature to raise awareness, conquering her fear of public speaking presenting at town forums, schools, and to civic organizations, and by developing a sign kit in accordance to the ordinance for residents to purchase through town hall. Audrey’s hard work has ensured that the residents of Cumberland will always have an easy way they can improve their own safety.