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MacKenna Homa


Eating fresh fruits and veggies is important to our health and well-being, and gardens can be an effective way to ensure that we have access to this important produce. But as MacKenna found out, many people do not have a garden because seeds are too expensive. After talking to farmers at her local farmer’s market, she also found out that many growers don’t always use all the seeds they have, so they go to waste.

To solve these problems, MacKenna created the “Seed Lending Library” at the Baxter Memorial Library. Local gardeners donate their unused and harvested seeds after the growing season, and anyone who wants to can, for a small donation, take seeds home to start their own gardens. Her goal was to have the Seed Lending Library stocked with 50-60 seed packages, and she has over 100! She also wants to have the same number of packages going out as coming in, so she will be keeping a close eye on this upcoming growing season to ensure the seeds are being put to good use.

MacKenna you are growing into a true leader!