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Hannah Robertson earns 2018 Silver Award


Hannah’s project entices new visitors to the Mary Grant Nature Preserve in Acton, bringing awareness of this natural treasure in her own town, helping people get outdoors and even encourages parents to read to and explore nature with their children.  “StoryWalk” follows a half-mile path, displaying laminated pages of a children’s book along the path. StoryWalk will be available all year long and provide families an awesome activity they can do together outdoors.

To put her project into action, Hannah brought together two local boards, getting them to work together to maintain her project. The Acton Public Library has committed to providing new stories to be put up, and the Mary Grant Nature Preserve board has agreed that they will ensure that the posts are kept in good shape. She had to work especially hard to understand how boards work, and convinced a skeptical board member to agree to her project (which in the end, he did!)

Not only did Hannah learn perseverance through her project, but she learned that she can do things outside her comfort zone. Hannah, you are a true risk-taker, and a serious G.I.R.L.!