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Grace Girardin earns 2018 Silver Award


During the after-care program at her school, Grace realized that students didn’t have a good, comfortable place to work on their homework outside. They’d either sit on the concrete ramp, or they just wouldn’t do their homework at all, choosing to wait until later to do their homework. This prohibited them from participating in important family time, or even made them stay up too late to finish their work.

To provide a proper place at after-care, Grace secured a portable table, including folding benches, as well as provided a tarp and lock for the table when not in use, and she convinced the after-care teachers to put out the table once school was out. Not only was this a great place for kids to do their homework, but Grace also designed a small “take a book, leave a book” storage space, as well as a fun, interactive US Map game.

While the Outdoor Homework Area is a creative, fun place for kids to learn and get their work done, Grace’s true accomplishment was helping kids use their time better, so that when they got home, they could spend it where it was most important – with family.