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Gillian McFadden, Elaine Hutchins, and Montana Wallace DeJulio earn 2018 Silver Award


Knowing that the visual arts programs in many schools are being cut due to budget constraints, Gillian, Elaine, and Montana took action to make sure it didn’t happen in their schools. They wanted to create a safe, free space for kids to be creative and see themselves shine. So they created a free after-school “Art Club” for third and fourth graders.

Their goal was to have 20 students in the club, but they had nearly 40 students sign up! Adjusting their club schedule to accommodate so many kids, the girls were able to give more time in the art room and get them excited about art.

Putting the Art Club into place was a huge accomplishment for the girls, and as Elaine says, if these G.I.R.L.s can organize the lesson plans, be role models to 38 different children, strategize for large groups, and work collaboratively with their peers, they can be successful in anything. Girls, that’s what being a LEADER is all about!