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Amanda Winslow earns 2018 Silver Award


Amanda’s passion for knitting and crochet isn’t from a love of colorful yarn, but from the relationship she has with her grandmother, who has been a Knitting and Crochet instructor of 45 years. Wanting to preserve her grandmother’s talent and bring the art into a modern expression, Amanda set about accomplishing both with her Silver Award project!

Capturing how-to videos and posting them on YouTube, and creating an instructional brochure of how to crochet and knit, Amanda hopes to catch the attention of younger people who may not have the opportunity to learn from a mentor like she did, or have the extra time to take classes due to busy schedules. She showcased her project at the local library, and even gave demonstrations to those who attended the exhibition. Finally, she put together kits with materials and a flyer and donated them to the library so people who want to can try their hand at knitting and crocheting.

Amanda says that her project taught her that, if you find something you believe in and a way to share it with others, take the opportunity to do it while you can. It may be a lot of hard work, but if it’s important enough to you, then it will all be worth it.