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Adeline Dolly earns 2018 Silver Award


For her Silver Award project, Adeline created busy blankets for Avita, an organization that helps seniors with memory loss conditions. Busy blankets, also known as fidget quilts, are special blankets designed to help reduce agitation in a person suffering from memory loss. They are often made with brightly patterned fabrics, and have different things, such as buttons, stuffed animals, textured fabrics and zippers, sewn onto their surfaces.

Adeline set out to make 15 of them! After sharing about memory loss and about how the busy blankets combat some of the effects with volunteers, she had lots of volunteers to help make busy blankets. She was thrilled to present them to the residents of Avita. She also created a flyer to help build awareness to the importance of busy blanks for those who suffer from memory loss, and she even built a Facebook page to help promote them.

Adeline says that she is most excited about how enthusiastic others are about the busy blankets, and how her project helped local senior citizens.