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Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? 

Tools for Cookie Program Success 

ABC Bakers
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at ABC Bakers. 


Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.


Phase 1 | Initial Sales (February 1-28)

Beginning February 1, using Smart Cookies, girls can create and send e-cards and share their social media links to friends and family. Customers can order cookies, pay online, and have cookies shipped directly to them from ABC Bakers (the Direct Ship option).

Troops can host virtual cookie booths to share girl links via livestream events, videos, and meetings.

Girls can collect orders with the paper order card.

Phase 2 | Girl Delivery (March 1-April 30)

Phase 2 includes all elements from phase 1. In addition to the options in phase 1, girls can now collect orders for girl delivery via virtual booth sales, online orders, or the paper order card.

When a customer chooses the girl delivery option, they place their order online and pay in advance. The girl or troop will set up a contactless delivery plan with the help of a caregiver. Girl delivery orders must be reported to the troop cookie coordinator so that a planned order can be entered into Smart Cookies to pick up cookies at a cupboard.

Troops start to pick up cookies at a cookie cupboard.

Phase 3 | Booth Sales (April 1-30)

In this final phase, girls and troops can host virtual and contactless/in-person booth sales.

Girls can host lemonade stands.

COVID-19 safety guidelines

Please read our guidelines for returning to in-person Girl Scout gatherings before participating in the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program. As the risks associated with the pandemic continue to change, we will modify these guidelines accordingly.

Mark your calendar

2022 important dates:

  • January 27-29: Cookie rally weekend
  • February 1: Online and order card sale begins
  • February 28: Initial order taking ends
  • March 1: Girls can continue to collect orders
  • March 1: Last day troop cookie managers can enter/edit orders in Smart Cookies
  • March 2: Last day supervisors can enter/edit troop orders in Smart Cookies
  • March 2: Last day for cupboard initial orders
  • April 1-2:  Mega Drop
  • March 28-April 9 Cookie deliveries to service units
  • April 1-May 8: Cookie booth/direct sales
  • April 30: Online sales end
  • May 4: Initial automatic electronic withdrawal (ACH) from troop accounts
  • May 8: Parent collection forms due to Girl Scouts of Maine
  • May 15: Last day troop cookie managers can enter/edit recognitions in Smart Cookies
  • May 18: Final ACH withdrawal and troop proceeds deposit
  • May 16: Last day supervisors can enter/edit troop recognitions in Smart Cookies
  • May 30: Last day to turn in non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks for reimbursement to Girl Scouts of Maine
Participation and proceeds
3 ways to sell cookies
  • Order Taking: Girls canvas neighborhoods and reach out to friends and family with order cards in hand. During this phase, orders are entered into Smart Cookies by March 3 and delivery and payment collection happens in April.

  • Booth Sales: At booth sales, girls work together at local retailers to achieve troop sales goals. Starting April 1, troops who have placed orders in smart cookies for upcoming booth sales can pick up cookies from the local cupboard and set up tables outside local retail locations such as restaurants, grocery stores and hardware stores to sell directly to customers. Packages sold during booth sales count toward your troop’s goal! Two registered adults and three registered girls must be present at all times. Refer to Volunteer Essentials for specific requirements on the adult to girl ratio and adult training needed for this activity.

    Drive-thru Cookie Booth:
    Troops can opt to hold drive–thru booths instead of traditional cookie booths. A separate informational flyer will be provided on how to do this.
  • Online Sales: Encourage your girls to set up their very own Smart Cookie website. This new tool will allow girls to personalize their page, set goals, and send emails to friends and family to increase sales through online orders. Customers are invited to shop from your girl’s very own website and cookies will ship directly to them.

There is the tiered earning program for cookies. The more you sell, the more you earn! Right now, girls earn $.75 per package no matter how many packages they sell. However, proceeds will now be based on a troop’s average (total number of packages sold divided by the number of registered girls in your troop).

Tier * New Troop Proceeds Per Package New Troop Proceeds Per Case
 1-199 packages  $.77 $9.24
200-349 packages          
$.80 $9.60
350+ $.85 $10.20

*Tier ranges are based on the Per Girl Average (PGA) of a troop, not based on individual girl sale totals.

Of course, we still will be providing $.07 a package to service units to support activities, provide girl opportunities, and fund community service and leadership projects!

Share Program

This year, Girl Scouts of Maine will be donating cookies for the Share Program to the Wayside Food Programs. Wayside will distribute the cookies to local food pantries throughout the state.

  • Provides support to local food pantries in Maine
  • Gives consumers an option to support Girl Scouts without taking possession of cookies
  • Helps girls think creatively in order to give back to their communities
  • Helps girls reach goals
  • Councils handle the distribution
  • Available through online sales
Resources and forms
Troop Cookie Program Manager Position Description and Agreement

See the Troop Cookie Program Manager Position Description and Agreement here.

How many cookies will fit in your car?

Use this guide from Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois to estimate how many cases of cookies will fit in your vehicle. The amounts listed below are for a tightly packed, empty car except for the driver. So this means there should be no items in the trunk or rear storage area such as strollers, groceries, lawn chairs, empty car seats, etc.

 Vehicle  Approximate number of cases
 Compact or 3-door  25 cases
Hatchback or small wagon 30 cases
Mid-size sedan 35 cases
SUV (depending on model) 55-75 cases
Full-size wagon 75-80 cases
Mini-van with seats 75-80 cases
Mini-van without seats 90-100 cases
Full-size van with seats 150 cases
Full-size van without seats 200 cases
Pick-up truck (full bed) 100 cases
Troop Cookie Product Manager Checklist

Get ready for the Girl Scout Cookie Program! We are working on putting together a checklist to help you stay on track. See the troop cookie program manager checklist here.

Troop reports

Helpful reports to run in Smart Cookies:

  • Troop Balance Summary Report: to review all financial transactions generated, and balance owed to GSME
  • Girl Cookie Totals Summary Report: to see if package allocation to girls is up-to-date so they can track their progress toward their goals.
  • Mobile and E-card Summary Report: to check girls’ online sales progress including online orders that require girl delivery
Parent Collection Form

Fil out the Parent Collection Form here.

Troop Bank Account Form

If you are a new troop that needs to create accounts or you need to make changes to existing troop accounts, fill out this form.  

Cookie delivery and porch drop-offs


  • Contact your customer ahead of time to confirm delivery time.
  • Wear a mask during delivery. This is required.
  • Practice “no contact” deliveries or maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • If cookies haven’t already been paid for, try to collect payment over the phone ahead of time.
  • Have an adult make the delivery on behalf of the girl.
  • Have your girl write a handwritten thank you note to the customer to deliver alongside the cookies.
  • Bring gloves, hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes for before and after delivery.


  • Leave cookies on a doorstep without confirming someone is home. Council will not be covering the cost of cookies that are stolen or vandalized from drop-offs.
  • Enter a customer’s home.
  • Shake hands or physically come in contact with the customer.
  • Leave boxes out in plain sight. Place them inside a paper bag or leave cookies in an inconspicuous place.
  • Deliver if you feel uncomfortable.
Shipping and handling/direct ship

Visit Smart Cookies for more information on shipping and handling/direct ship fees.

Cookie rally
Cookie booths and lemonade stands
Printable tools for 2022 selling
Just for Juliettes
Earn a free session of camp

Learn how you can earn a free session of camp here.


See our 2022 patches here and set your cookie goals.

Full cookie program wrap-up

See the full wrap up here.  

Q&A and fun facts

See GSUSA’s Cookie FAQs page to find quick answers to your questions about Girl Scout Cookies ®.

Check out ABC Bakers Cookie FAQs here.

Find fun facts from ABC Bakers here.