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Imagine a summer experience with no screens and social pressures. One that connects girls with nature and new friends, builds leadership skills and healthy relationships, and allows girls to have a fun in a supportive, carefree environment. That’s the experience girls have at Girl Scouts of Maine’s Summer Camps!

COVID-19 Day and Resident Camp Update | June 11, 2022

See the latest Day and Resident Camp update here.

Did you know...

Girls need camp more than ever! Continuing restrictions and shutdowns during the pandemic have affected our children profoundly. Girl Scout Camp can foster much needed connection and physical activity in a fun and safe environment. Girls will be so happy to be outdoors doing things with their friends after months of upheaval and uncertainty.


Camp is awesome! Girls with more frequent outdoor experiences are more likely to seek challenges and are better at solving problems—qualities that will help them both academically and personally in the future.


Camp makes everything better! Spending time in nature improves concentration and creative reasoning. Outdoor experiences also help promote healthy social development and increase her self-esteem.

Whether you try day campresident camptroop mini-camp, or family camp, you will have the experience you’ve always dreamed of – one full of excitement, exploration and adventure. Girl Scout Camp is chock-full of endless possibilities and we want every girl to be able to enjoy the great outdoors while taking advantage of amazing opportunities.


To see how Girl Scouting in the great outdoors builds female leaders, check out the Girl Scout Research Institute's Study "From Girl Scout Camp to Real-World Champ"!

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Your Camp Guide is coming January 24, 2021!

Camp Guide Cover
  • Archery and Hatchet Throwing–a target sport at Pondicherry and Natarswi
  • Canoe, kayaking, Paddleboards at Pondicherry and Natarswi
  • Rock climbing at Natarswi
  • Wilderness camping off-site at Natarswi
  • High and low challenge course at Pondicherry
  • Horseback riding off-site at Pondicherry
  • Cooking program at Pondicherry
  • Counselor in Training (CIT) at Pondicherry and Natarswi
  • Junior Maine Guide Program at Natarswi
  • Team Katahdin at Natarswi
  • Troop, Mom and Me, and Family Vamps at Pondicherry and Natarswi
  • Dad and Me at Natarswi

Camp director

Treasa "Tree" Wheeler from Camp Natarswi is available to talk about your camp adventure. Send her an email, or give her a call at 888-922-4763, and she’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about camp.

Don't you just LOVE camp?

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Dates at both Pondicherry and Natarswi:

Family DIY CampOut
July 3-5
July 10-12
August 21-23
August 28-29

Family DIY CampOut PLUS
July 17-19
July 21 -23 (weekdays; Pondicherry only)
July 24-26
July 31-August 2
August 4-6 (weekdays; Pondicherry only)
August 7-9
August 11-13 (weekdays; Pondicherry only)
August 14-16